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Arthritis (Hands, hips, knees)

Multiple success stories.  Results seen in one-two treatments up to 5 or more depending on how long symptoms have been present and on severity of arthritis.

Asthma & Allergies

18 year-old white male presented with complaints of persistent asthmatic bronchitis treated every 3-4 mos. with steroids and antibiotics, as well as frequent daily use of albuterol inhaler.  Patient treated with one treatment and stated he went from using albuterol from 4-5x/day to 1-2x/ week.

Patient presented for one more treatment between allergy seasons before leaving for college to strengthen his immune system.  No further follow-up visits scheduled.

48 year-old white female complains of long history of asthma presented to office with concerns of long-term use of Advair (steroid-containing inhaler), as well as frequent awakening with wheezing at night despite all medications and inhalers.  She also complained of persistent post-nasal drip, watery, itchy eyes that aggravated her symptoms.  In two to three treatments, her symptoms improved over 50%

Patient continues to come for maintenance treatments as well as weight loss treatments, which can further help resolve asthmatic symptoms.

Addiction/ Smoking

Ages from 28 to 67—Successful smoking cessation treatments from 3-10 sessions.  Patients state the cravings and anxiety significantly diminished, especially with the help of home exercises and diet.

Back Pain/Herniated Discs (Cervical, Lumbar)

Multiple stories of success with patients from ages 27-mid 60s, who failed epidural injections and/or surgery.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

35 year old female with carpal tunnel syndrome x 5 yrs. was advised she would eventually need surgery.  One treatment diminished symptoms; 2nd treatment decreased symptoms by 60%; several more treatments resulted in almost complete recovery.  Patient comes in for 'maintenance' treatments every 3 mos.

Chronic Fatigue

56 year old female complained of chronic fatigue despite eating healthy and taking B vitamins.  Thyroid blood work was all normal.  Patient attributed her symptoms to over-working and stress.  Patient had significant improvement and increased energy with one-two treatments.  Patient came for maintenance once/month.


47 year old female with history of constipation.  Three to four treatments of acupuncture regulated bowel movements.

Crohn’s Disease

40 year old female presented to gastroenterologist for right lower quadrant pain with family history of colon cancer.  Patient had a colonoscopy and was placed on Pentasa, which had no effect on her Crohn’s pain.  Acupuncture eliminates pains for months at a time.  One treatment reduced pain for 2 months.

Diverticulosis /Irritable Bowel Syndrome

72 year old male complains of bouts of loose stools, cramping and gas.  Patient taking fiber and acidophilus supplements regularly without significant difference.  Patient states his best relief of symptoms is acupuncture, together with herbs, to help control his anxiety as well.

Facial Rejuvenation

58 year old female had several dermatological procedures, including laser, skin tightening and filler injections felt dissatisfied with her results; she inquired about a less invasive, natural approach.  After just 3 wks. (2 treatments/wk.) gets improved facial complexion, elasticity, and reduction of fine lines and wrinkles in just 3 wks. of 2 treatments per week.  Treatment interrupted due to trip out of state.

Gastroesophogeal Reflux Disease

57 year old female with history of acid reflux had resolution of symptoms after just 3 treatments.

Hyperhidrosis (Excessive sweating of axilla, hands, body)

47 year old female with long history of profuse sweating.  Symptoms improved significantly after 8-10 treatments and resolved with safe herbal formula.


26 year old female presented with complaints of scanty, and occasionally missed, periods and inability to get pregnant for some time.  After approximately 10 treatments later, patient began menstruating.  Several months later she became pregnant and continued treatments during her first trimester.  No complications during pregnancy reported.

39 year old female athlete treated by infertility specialists for low estrogen levels and amenorrhea; she had 3 failed inseminations.  One acupuncture treatment resulted in normal, healthy flow of menstrual cycle.  Two months later, she had a positive pregnancy test.  Today she has a healthy one year-old boy.

Insomnia/Restless Sleep

64 year old female with complaints of depression, back pain (history of scoliosis treated by her chiropractor), and trouble falling asleep and staying asleep reports falling asleep more easily and having very restful sleep after two treatments.   Incidentally, back pain improved even more so with acupuncture treatments than with chiropractic.


Multiple success stories for hot flashes, night sweats, and mood changes.  Results for treatment range from 2-3 treatments to 8-10 depending on how long symptoms have been present.

Migraine Headaches

33 year old female with progressively worsening headaches (increased frequency of symptoms) causing her to risk losing her job in Verizon due to nausea, vomiting from pain improved with just one-two treatments.  Patient was advised to continue treatment due to her long history of debilitating migraines, which she felt she no longer needed to and stopped coming.   Within a month after sitting out in the sun, she experienced another migraine.  Patient committed to a series of 5 treatments with resolution of symptoms. 

Nocturia (Awakening at night to urinate)

38 year old female with complaints of awakening 2-3x/night with difficulty falling back asleep.  Two treatments decreased night awakenings to 1-2x/night, with awakenings early in the am.

Post-Surgical Swelling and Pain

48 year old male presented after surgery for wrist and ankle fractures after a fall complaining of persistence of pain and swelling despite months of physical therapy.  One to two treatments significantly improved symptoms.  Reduction of pain and swelling advanced physical therapy’s success.

Tendonitis (Wrist, elbow, shoulder, ankle, knee)

Multiple success stories.  Results seen in one or two treatments up to 5 treatments, depending on how long symptoms have been present.

There are numerous symptoms that are not all mentioned, as these are the more common ones seen in clinic.  If you have a different symptom other than the ones mentioned, please feel free to call for further explanation of how acupuncture can help you.


18 year old male injured in motor vehicle accident complaining of left sided facial pain.  Symptoms improved significantly after two treatments; resolved after one month.

Trigeminal Neuralgia

52 year old female complained of shooting, stabbing facial pains after plastic surgery.  Symptoms significantly improved after several treatments.  Patient experienced less intense pain episodes as well as facial muscle relaxation (had also complained of tightness sensation).  Patient on maintenance program.


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